Project Description

  • Spencer Virgin

  • Spencer is a coastal marine ecologist studying invertebrates in salt marshes. He completed his BSc (hons) at the University of New Brunswick and is currently an MSc student at UNB. Spencer’s current research focuses on the reproductive, larval, and population biology of the ribbed mussel (Geukensia demissa) in salt marshes near the northern end of their range, Atlantic Canada. Throughout his honours research, Spencer gathered data on ribbed mussel fecundity and recruitment. Throughout his masters he’s reared ribbed mussel larvae to gain insights into their biology and, using this information, along with data from his honours and other field experiments, he is making a population model for ribbed mussels at their northern range limit. Spencer first became involved with the GRC in 2015. He enjoyed the atmosphere, the people, and, of course, the research! Since 2015 he and the GRC committee have been working together to continue the GRC tradition of improvement every year!