The 25th Annual Graduate Research Conference (GRC) was located at Wu Center in the University of New Brunswick.

This year marked the 25th year of celebrating graduate student research and innovation, allowing students to have a platform to present their work while developing communication skills in a supportive environment.

For the coming years there are many ways to get involved! We look for oral and poster presenters, peer reviewers, committee members, volunteers, judges, and attendees.

We encourage you to reach out to if you are interested in getting involved or have any suggestions for future conferences.

We hope you will join us for the 2019 GRC on March 22-21, 2019 on the UNB Fredericton campus!


2018 GRC Winners

Social Sciences & Humanities

1st Place: Cleo Gallant

2nd Place: Jordan Schriver

3rd Place: Jeremy Smith

Science and Engineering

1st Place: Haozhou Wang

2nd Place: Barbora Balonova

3rd Place: Kelly McLean

Poster Presentations

1st Place: David Roth

2nd Place: Wanrong Zhu

3rd Place: Sobomate Amachree

GRC 2018 Committee
Brittany Dixon
Brittany Dixon is an MSc candidate in Biology. She completed her undergraduate degree here at UNB with a Bachelor of Science in 2013. Currently, she is working alongside the Canadian Rivers Institute and the Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study to research the distribution and behavior of migrating American eels as they make their upstream approach to the Mactaquac Generating Station. She currently serves as the President of the Graduate Student Association. She has chaired the GRC Committee in 2016, 2017.
Bipin Kumar Badri Narayanan
Bipin Kumar is M.Sc.candidate in Faculty of Comuter Science. He is also part of the Dual degree programme in collaboration with Bonn Rhein Sieg University of Applied Sciences, studying Masters in Autonomous Systems. He got his Bachelor’s degree from Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India. Outside of work and studies, I will be Trekking, Camping and various outdoor activities like Biking, Kayaking, etc.
Kang Liang
Committee Member and Peer Review Lead
Kang is a PhD candidate specializing in hydrologic modeling in the Faculty of Forestry and Environmental Management at the University of New Brunswick. He is doing his research in collaborating with Agriculture & Agri-Food Canada regarding agriculture’s impact on water quality. He earned his master’s degree in Environmental Science from the Chinese Academy of Sciences.
Rebecca Ward
Committee Member and Peer Review Lead
Rebecca is graduate student in the Masters of Education Counselling program at UNB with an Honours Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology from Bishop’s University. She currently serves as the Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate intern with the Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre and devotes her practicum to counselling and supporting members of the campus community affected by sexual violence. Her thesis work explores the use of reflective writing in the form of journaling as a tool in professional development with focus on the phenomenological personal journey therein.
Scott Young
Committee Member
Scott Young is a Master’s Student in the Faculty of Computer Science in his 2nd year. Scott is currently doing research in Java Virtual Machine (JVM) optimization at UNB.
Laura Gilks
Committee member
Laura Gilks has sat on the Graduate Research Conference Committee since 2010, and have attended the conference since 2008. Laura is the Graduate Recruitment Coordinator for UNB, and the conference is a great way for me to meet graduate students from many different fields of study. The graduate students at UNb do incredible research here at UNB, and this conference is a great way for them to practice their presentation skills, and an even better way for the UNB community to learn about our research. The conference committee works very hard to pull off such a wonderful event -- organized by grad students, for grad students.
Satinder Gill
Committee Member
Satinder Gill is currently working as a postdoctoral fellow at the Institute of Biomedical Engineering (UNB), where his work involves investigating internal dynamics models in human motor control. He received his Doctor of Philosophy in Electrical and Computer Engineering from the University of New Brunswick, Canada in 2015 and M.Sc. in Electrical Engineering from Saint Cloud State University, U.S.A in 2009. His doctoral research was related to in-room multi-user, multi-input, and multi-output systems. During this time, he was also involved in a research project of borehole antenna design for Deep Exploration Technology Cooperative Research Center (DET CRC), Australia.
Spencer Virgin
Committee Member
Spencer is a coastal marine ecologist studying invertebrates in salt marshes. He completed his BSc (hons) at the University of New Brunswick and is currently an MSc student at UNB. Spencer’s current research focuses on the reproductive, larval, and population biology of the ribbed mussel (Geukensia demissa) in salt marshes near the northern end of their range, Atlantic Canada. Throughout his honours research, Spencer gathered data on ribbed mussel fecundity and recruitment. Throughout his masters he's reared ribbed mussel larvae to gain insights into their biology and, using this information, along with data from his honours and other field experiments, he is making a population model for ribbed mussels at their northern range limit. Spencer first became involved with the GRC in 2015. He enjoyed the atmosphere, the people, and, of course, the research! Since 2015 he and the GRC committee have been working together to continue the GRC tradition of improvement every year!
Tabatha Armstrong
Commitee Member
Tabatha Armstrong has been involved with the Graduate Research Conference Committee since 2015. After completing an MA in Canadian Studies at Carleton University in Ottawa, Tabatha returned to her undergraduate alma mater as the Student Engagement, Communications, and Research Support Officer for the Faculty of Arts at UNB Fredericton. Working together with grad students and the GSA to organize the annual UNB Graduate Research Conference provides a fantastic opportunity for learning more about the compelling research and expertise of graduate students at UNB. Each year brings new ideas and opportunities and Tabatha is delighted to continue being a part of such a collaborative effort to bring graduate students together and showcase research excellence.
Maha Tantawy
Committee member
Maha Tantawy, PhD Candidate in the department of Interdisciplinary Studies, University of New Brunswick, Fredericton, NB. Her research interests revolve around examining the entrepreneurial mindset (EM) and the outcomes of entrepreneurship education and training (EET) on the development of innovative behavior among students. Maha also has research interests in investigating the influence of constructivist teaching pedagogies within the entrepreneurship context. She has participated as a Research Assistant in a global study examining the outcomes of entrepreneurship education at the university level, the Entrepreneurship Education Evaluation (EEE) project. Maha has occupied several positions in the business field. She graduated from the School of Business, American University in Cairo (AUC) in 2000 with high honours. Maha received her MBA degree from Edinburgh Business School, Heriot Watt University, Scotland, UK in 2008