THE GRC Organizing Committee is chaired by the VP Societies and Events of the GSA. The committee consists of volunteers, ranging from MSc and PhD students, post-doctoral fellows, staff, and other UNB supporters. The committee comes together regularly to collaborate on organizing, planning, and ensuring the conference is a huge success.

Andrea Rivera
Andrea Rivera is pursuing a Masters of Education in Counselling. She is interested in counselling culturally diverse groups and she is keen to contribute to the development of online counselling services. Andrea understands the importance of the connection between the community and academics and wishes to continue creating better communication between the two. When she is not engaging in education or working for the community she enjoys taking long hikes.
Bipin Kumar Badri Narayanan
Bipin Kumar is M.Sc.candidate in Faculty of Comuter Science. He is also part of the Dual degree programme in collaboration with Bonn Rhein Sieg University of Applied Sciences, studying Masters in Autonomous Systems. He got his Bachelor’s degree from Electronics and Instrumentation Engineering, Anna University, Chennai, India. Outside of work and studies, He will be Trekking, Camping and various outdoor activities like Biking, Kayaking, etc.
Brittany Dixon
Committee Member
Brittany Dixon is an MSc candidate in Biology. She completed her undergraduate degree here at UNB with a Bachelor of Science in 2013. Currently, she is working alongside the Canadian Rivers Institute and the Mactaquac Aquatic Ecosystem Study to research the distribution and behavior of migrating American eels as they make their upstream approach to the Mactaquac Generating Station. She currently serves as the President of the Graduate Student Association. She has chaired the GRC Committee in 2016, 2017, 2018.
Rebecca Ward
Peer Review Lead and Committee Member
Rebecca is graduate student in the Masters of Education Counselling program at UNB with an Honours Bachelor degree in Clinical Psychology from Bishop’s University. She currently serves as the Campus Sexual Assault Support Advocate intern with the Fredericton Sexual Assault Centre and devotes her practicum to counselling and supporting members of the campus community affected by sexual violence. Her thesis work explores the use of reflective writing in the form of journaling as a tool in professional development with focus on the phenomenological personal journey therein.
Saleem Ahmad Khan
Peer Review lead and Committee Member
Saleem is a PhD student in History. As a Brigadier General in the Bangladesh Army, he has a wide range of experience in the military including international peacekeeping experience with the United Nations. He facilitated a good number of courses on UN peace operations in the US, Canada, Indonesia, and Uruguay. He is a telecom engineer and holds Masters in Philosophy as well as in Security and Development Studies.
Laura Gilks
Committee Member
aura Gilks has sat on the Graduate Research Conference Committee since 2010, and have attended the conference since 2008. Laura is the Graduate Recruitment Coordinator for UNB, and the conference is a great way for me to meet graduate students from many different fields of study. The graduate students at UNb do incredible research here at UNB, and this conference is a great way for them to practice their presentation skills, and an even better way for the UNB community to learn about our research. The conference committee works very hard to pull off such a wonderful event -- organized by grad students, for grad students.
Rashedul Alam
Judges Coordinator and Committee Member
Rashedul Alam is a 1st year Master’s student in Electrical and Computer Engineering department. He is a part of Sustainable Power System Research group here at UNB. His current research topic is Survivability of Power System. He completed his Bachelor’s in electrical engineering in 2014 from Islamic University of Technology, Bangladesh. Before coming at UNB, he has worked with several multinational companies and educational organization like British Council.
Nasrin Eshraghi Ivari
Committee Member
Nasrin is a PhD student doing her research on FPGA and compiler in the Faculty of computer science at the University of New Brunswick. She got her master degree in computer science from University Putra Malaysia in 2013. Nasrin worked as a instructor and lecturer for four years in her field. Her favourite activities are rock climbing, camping and adventuring all over the glob.